Established in 2002 by a professional team high skilled in Telecommunications and Information and Technology Security, Radiocomm Srl approach the market in a proactively way to satisfy the current demands and anticipate the future... [more]

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Telecommunication infrastructures have become such strategic and critical resources within each State to ensure their socio-economic development, as well as their economic and political strength at the international level... [more]

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In today's integrated communications background, in which the digitization of information has made computers and digital storage devices the main instruments to distribute information, a continuous and steady increase... [more]

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Thanks to a solid and exclusive partnership with the world leaders in the sector, we can offer an efficiente and effective wide range of antenna and transmitting systems, both digital and analog. We are official representatives in Italy for... [more]

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Radiocomm Srl

Legal Residence: via G. Avezzana, 6 • 00195 Roma • C.F. / P. IVA 06904041008 • CCIAA Roma 997595
Office: Via dei Prati della Farnesina, 41B • 00135 Roma • Tel. +39 0689567722 • Fax +39 0623328190

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