SAITEL (mobile phone listening hinder)


Espionage and abusive interceptions during meetings or conversation represent a serious issue in any situation for subjects who deals with private or sensitive information. It is known as many principal smartphone constructors have already developed “live listening” functions for listening what is said by airpods or powerbeat. Once hacked, the smartphone allows the hidden Admin easily install the environmental audio recording, even if it is turned off, by sending files as soon as the SIM card will be reinstalled or the phone reconnected to the web. Using Saitel, any interception attempt is inhibited, as an artificial disturbance will be automatically generated internally, imperceptible to the outside, thus making impossible any attempt to catch the environment noises.


A new way to manage conversation: Differently from the solutions nowadays present on the market (Faraday boxes or security bags) that disconnect smartphone from network but not its microphone, so leading to the loss of its functions (calls, e-mail and messages) so leaving the user not reachable anymore Saitel keeps its telephone functions always on so leaving the user reachable at any time.

Easy to use: before a meeting, once positioned SAITEL at your fingertips, simply inserting the participant’s phones inside the box, it is immediately active and operational. When the blu led turn on, your privacy is guarantee and the conversation is safe!

SAITEL, is made by precious wood with black velevet internal case, suitable for any type of smarthphone, it can protect one, two or six smartphones.


saitel S1

saitel S2

saitel S6



Technical features:

  • Elegant wood box of small dimension (cm 13x 22x 5)
  • Black velvet internal cover to protect the smartphone
  • Long battery life (up to 20 days)
  • Fast Chargingby via USB port (2 ours of recharg can give 96 hour of operativity) per 96 ore di conversazione sicura)
  • Possibility on request to personalize the box with name/logo


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