Foro Gamma ProdottiOur range Computer Information Systems (CIS), sum the benefits deriving from operational reliability and  optimized performances, typical of COTS products, to the high standard of military security maintaining the operational flexibility need to be compliant to the customer technical requirements.

By a technology especially designed for military and governmental needs, we transform commercial CIS in technologically advanced solutions, able to assure data security “at rest” certified by the most severe IT Security Standard.

We adopt a “Plug&Play” and “User Friendly” technology that doesn’t require any additional software or training course and that is now used within NATO and Italian Corps.

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Our crypto devices can be used also for civilian applications, because of their compliancy to privacy European Regulation (Reg UE 679/2016 GDPR) thus ensuring:

  • data confidentiality: using an encryption system with high entropy keys and separate management.
  • inaccessibility to unauthorized parties: using certified tokens (Fips 140-2 lev.3 and Common Criteria EAL 5++) to apply strong authentication pre-boot" procedures to guarantee data confidentiality even if the device are stolen or lost.
  • IT resilience: to ensure a rapid data recovery and availability so allowing the regular performance of activities.

even in the event of device’s lost or theft

An extreme operational flexibility, a full hardware/software compatibility and the absence of conflicts with most common operating system (Windows, Linux), allow the use of this technology on different solutions:

  • Flash Drive USB (coCrypt)
  • External Hard Disks (Secure HD)
  • PC Desktop (Secure Desktop)
  • PC Laptop (Secure Laptop)

All the above solutions are certified as "tamper-proof" and are fully compliant with the most severe International IT Security standard:

  • Common Criteria EAL4+ (Crypto Module)
  • Common Criteria EAL 5+ (Token)
  • FIPS-140-2 lev.3
  • NATO
  • Norwegian Security Agency (NSA)
  • Dutch MIVD (Militaire Inlichtingen en Velingheidsdienst)
  • DIS-UCse, level "Restricted"
  • General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. EU 2016/679)
  • Administrative protection of classified information (ITA-DPCM 5/2015)

KryptoDiskKrypto Disk can operate both as a generic external hard disk, for safe transport/storage, and as a "bootable" disk, i.e. equipped with its own operating system to bypass the hard disk of the PC to which it is connected, allowing the user to work in a protected environment and without risk of leaving trace of the activity carried out on the host PC.

The plug and play technology doesn't require any additional software and it can be easily connect to any PC trough a USB 3.1 cable.

Cocrypt newThis professional encrypted memory stick (16-32-64-128 GB capacity) is ideal to transport and share valuable data everywhere, ensuring the protection of stored data in event of lost or theft.

AN ULTRA SECURE AND PATENTED TECHNOLOGY thanks to the use of an embadded miny Crypto Module that performs the encryption, of all input data, with AES 256 bit algorithm in XTS mode, on the fly and without any delay of it performance. Even if the Crypto Module will be removed from the device, data will remain inaccessible to everyone who is not in possession of the authentication key.


Praesidium is a commercial PC that has been designed by Radiocomm to deal sensitive information, thanks to encryption Protocoll (AES-256) it assure an high level of security "at rest" in fully compliance with related OTAN regulation. The encryption technique and the multifactorial “pre-boot” authentication procedure avoid not authorized access to data in cases of notebook’s loss or theft.  
The combination of hardware and software encryption technologies with multifactorial "pre-boot" authentication, safeguards the access to classified data even in case of PC's theft or lost. 
The hardware architecture provides an ultra-fast encrypted Safe Disk M2 certified DIS-UCSe with 256 or 512 GB capacity, accessible only after a "pre-boot" multifactor authentication:
  • insert authentication smartcard into the external USB reader;
  • enter the PIN (up to 16 alphanumeric characters, changeable by the user at any time).


This commercially derived notebook has been implemented by Radiocomm Srl, with a combination of hardware/software encryption techniques and "pre-boot" multifactorial authentication, to satisfy the need to process, with a single PC, sensitive and non-relevant data in mobility ensuring the inviolability "at rest" of its content to third parties not authorized in case of theft or lost.
Thanks to a specific hardware architecture that includes two separate hard disks (each equipped with an OS), Ianus ensures the segregation of classified information from other information. A dual boot allows the user to choose which of the two disks to boot, and to switch to the other at any time, by turning off the PC and simply re-enter into the Bios to select the disk to boot.
1) Standard Drive (Sata0): Solid State Disk (256 GB capacity), to process non-relevant data, with software encryption (BitLocker) and "pre boot" authentication password;
2) Classified Drive (PcIe): Non Volatile Memory (M2 Safe Disk) ultra fast (256-512 GB capacity) hardware encrypted (AES 256 bit), to process classified information with multifactorial "pre-boot" authentication procedure which includes:
  • inserting of the authentication smartcard into an external USB reader;
  • entering a PIN (up to 16 alphanumeric characters, changeable by user, at any time).


The "Card Management System" suite allows Crypto Officer to generate, in complete autonomy and in a centralized manner, high-entropy encryption keys and the related digital certificates, allowing an efficient devices and users profile management.

The CMS acts as a Certificate Authority (CA) allowing the Crypto Officer to issue, revoke, update and sign certificates for in use devices.

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