To guarantee the security “at rest” of confidential information stored into PC or magnetic devices placed inside or outside physically and logically protected areas, we offer “COTS” solutions implemented with a technology expressely designed and studied for military and governamental applications, certified by the most strict national and international IT security standard and by the Network Centric Doctrine. This advanced technology allows to obtain a competitive advantage so ensuring:

The extreme operational flexibility, the full hardware/software compatibility and the absence of conflicts with the most common operating system (Windows, Linux) allow the use of this technology on different solutions:

  • Flash Drive USB (coCrypt)
  • External Hard Disks (Secure HD)
  • PC Desktop (Secure Desktop)
  • PC Laptop (Secure Laptop)

All the above solutions are certified (national and international) as tamper proof and in compliance with the most severe international IT standard.

External encrypted Hard Disk, capacity from 256 GB to 8 TB with two factor strong authentication procedure (smartcard+ PIN) is the perfect solution for transportation of data between office and branchsand, or during work travels.
Krypto disk can operate either as generic external storage or as bootable external disk, so making possible to use virtually any PC, and still operate in a secure environment.  
It can be used simply by connecting by USB 3.1 cable to the PC without any additional prior software or drivers.
Krypto disk comes with a bright easy read oled display that informs the user about the status of the device.
The Card Management System interface, enable the Admin to generates independently encryption keys so keeping control of unit and users.

Cocrypt newThis professional encrypted memory stick (16-32-64-128 GB capacity) is ideal to transport and share valuable data everywhere, ensuring the protection of stored data in event of lost or theft.

AN ULTRA SECURE AND PATENTED TECHNOLOGY thanks to the use of an embadded miny Crypto Module that performs the encryption, of all input data, with AES 256 bit algorithm in XTS mode, on the fly and without any delay of it performance. Even if the Crypto Module will be removed from the device, data will remain inaccessible to everyone who is not in possession of the authentication key.


Praesidium is a commercial PC that has been designed by Radiocomm to deal sensitive information in mobility and in a safe way, thanks to advanced encryption technique (AES-192). The encryption technique and the multifactorial “pre-boot” authentication procedure avoid not authorized access to data in cases of notebook’s loss or theft.  
The combination of hardware and software encryption technologies with multifactorial "pre boot" authentication, safeguards the classified data in cases of PC's theft or loss and the use of Tempest technology prevent from interceptions due to PC's unintentional electrical emissions.
The hardware architecture provides an ultra-fast encrypted Safe Disk M2 certified DIS-UCSe Lev.R with 256 GB capacity, accessible only after a "pre-boot" multifactor authentication:
  • insert authentication smartcard into the USB reader;
  • enter the PIN (up to 16 alphanumeric characters, changeable by the user at any time).


This commercially derived notebook has been implemented by Radiocomm Srl, with a combination of hardware/software encryption techniques and "pre-boot" multifactorial authentication, to satisfy the need to process, with a single PC, sensitive and non-relevant data in mobility ensuring the inviolability "at rest" of its content to third parties not authorized in case of theft or lost.
The notebook's hardware architecture excludes any mixture between sensitive and non-relevant data, thanks to two separate HDs each equipped with an OS:
1) Standard Drive (Sata0): Solid State Disk (256 GB capacity), to process non-relevant data, with software encryption (BitLocker) and "pre boot" authentication password;
2) Classified Drive (PcIe): Non Volatile Memory (M2 Safe Disk) ultra fast (256 -512 GB capacity) hardware encrypted (AES 256 bit), to process classified information with multifactorial "pre-boot" authentication procedure which includes:
  • inserting of the authentication smartcard into a USB reader;
  • entering a PIN (up to 16 alphanumeric characters, changeable by user, at any time).


CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) is an optional software interface that allows, in a simple and safe way, in a complete autonomy and in a centralized way, the complex and tedious process of creating, managing and storing the encryption keys.

Its purchase is particularly suitable for military, governmental organizations as well as in a large companies in which there are a big amount od departments and users.

Operational flexibility and maximum security: The CMS allows the Crypto Officer to assign each user their own authentication profile, according to the security policies adopted. The use of the software requires authentication with the Crypto Officer profile by inserting the appropriate C.O. and the related PIN. A PUK is provide to manage the procedures to unblok the device in event of multiple wrong PIN entries.

For each set of encryption keys CMS make possible to define different operational “ranges” such us access temporization (up to power off, temporized, defined minutes, etc..) sharing criteria (single user, groups, subcategories etc..) up to specific definition of operational geographic areas (if associated to a GSP).

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