CMS (Card Management System)


CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) is an optional software interface that allows, in a simple and safe way, in a complete autonomy and in a centralized way, the complex and tedious process of creating, managing and storing the encryption keys.

Its purchase is particularly suitable for military, governmental organizations as well as in a large companies in which there are a big amount od departments and users.

Operational flexibility and maximum security: The CMS allows the Crypto Officer to assign each user their own authentication profile, according to the security policies adopted. The use of the software requires authentication with the Crypto Officer profile by inserting the appropriate C.O. and the related PIN. A PUK is provide to manage the procedures to unblok the device in event of multiple wrong PIN entries.

For each set of encryption keys CMS make possible to define different operational “ranges” such us access temporization (up to power off, temporized, defined minutes, etc..) sharing criteria (single user, groups, subcategories etc..) up to specific definition of operational geographic areas (if associated to a GSP).

ENCRYPTION KEYS CREATION PROCESS The keys creation process, uses in a totally autonomous wayKMS3 paricular algorithms for the generation of filescontaining random characters to generate high entropy encryption keys, and to the preventive setting of some delicate fields, including the intial vector (IV), discarding any key deemed not suitable.Random characters are provided by default by Hiddn, or alternatively, if in possession of a random number generator, by the final user. Once the encryption keys have been created they are associated at the cryptographic device and finally "split" randomly, part in the authentication token (Common Criteria EAL5 + certified) and part in the Crypto Module (tamper-proof certified), thus making the key impossible to recompose in the event of any attack.

Since this is an interface to create and store the keys and for the "sensitive" management of the associated cryptographic devices, in order to increase the security level of the system, we recommend to install the CMS on a dedicated encrypted computer, with access by strong authentication procedure.

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