Cocrypt newThis professional encrypted memory stick (16-32-64-128 GB capacity) is ideal to transport and share valuable data everywhere, ensuring the protection of stored data in event of lost or theft.

AN ULTRA SECURE AND PATENTED TECHNOLOGY thanks to the use of an embadded miny Crypto Module that performs the encryption, of all input data, with AES 256 bit algorithm in XTS mode, on the fly and without any delay of it performance. Even if the Crypto Module will be removed from the device, data will remain inaccessible to everyone who is not in possession of the authentication key.

PRE-BOOT STRONG AUTHENTICATION: by just digit a PIN (from 7 to 16 characters, easy changeble at any time) on its embadded mini keyboard. Following the insertion of three wrong PIN the system will lock and a PUK procedure will be required to restart the device. After several insertion of wrong PUK the sim card will be definitively blocked and all data stored will be erased.

HIGH ENTROPY OF ENCRYPTION KEYS: lenghts of 256 bit, random splitted during the inizialization procedure, part into the embadded tamper proof mini crypto module, and part into the micro SD card (certifeid CC EAL 5+);

EASY TO USE AND MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: It can be easily used with a simple plug & play connection to any PC's USB port, without any operative training, additional software or drivers, thanks to a total absence of hardware/software PC component's conflicts and in compatibility with the most used operating system (Windows Linux);

HIDDEN TO THIRD PARTIES: The "bootable" version, (minimum capacity 32 GB) equipped with a proper stand alone operating system (Distro linux) permits the user to operate on any host PC without leaving any trace, so transforming the host PC exclusively as display viewer of the files and applications that the user intends to execute, leaving him safe from any subsequent interceptions. 

Additional features of coCrypt bootable version are:

  • Double Encryption: Hardware (Hiddn) and Software (Lucks)
  • MAC Address Controle;
  • VPN
  • ESB (Encryption Safe Box)


  • Common Criteria EAL4+
  • FIPS - 140-2 lev. 3,
  • NATO (confidential)
  • NSA (Norwegian Security Agency)
  • Dutch MVD 
  • Italian DIS (Liv. R.)


  • General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. UE 2016/679)
  • Sensitive data management  regulation (OTAN)

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