KRYPTO DISK (Encrypted external HD)

KryptoDiskKrypto Disk can operate both as a generic external hard disk, for safe transport/storage, and as a "bootable" disk, i.e. equipped with its own operating system to bypass the hard disk of the PC to which it is connected, allowing the user to work in a protected environment and without risk of leaving trace of the activity carried out on the host PC.

The plug and play technology doesn't require any additional software and it can be easily connect to any PC trough a USB 3.1 cable.


Technical Features

  • Capacity 256 -516 GB, 1-2-4-8 TB
  • In case of tampering, reverse engineering, brute force dictionary based attacks, Key-Escrow procedure, the zeroization procedure automatically started, definitively
  • destroying the encryption keys and therefore making the data stored into hard disk unavailable;
  • Hardware Full Disk Encryption, (AES-256 bit algorithm) in XTS mode;
  • Pre-boot multifactorial strong authentication procedure;
  • Smartcard (NXP) contactless tamper proof (Common Criteria EAL5 ++)
  • Randomic split of encryption keys between crypto module and smartcard;
  • Encryption keys reunification procedure protected by Transport layer Security (TLS) against interceptions;
  • Plug&play technology;
  • No extra costs for license or maintenance;
  • No disposal procedure needed for PC’s end life;
  • OS: Windwos 10 Pro extendible to Windows 10 Enterprise (as OTAN requirement) by final user;


  • Common Criteria EAL4+
  • FIPS - 140-2 lev. 3,
  • NATO (confidential)
  • NSA (Norwegian Security Agency)
  • Dutch MVD 
  • Italian DIS (Liv. R.)


  • General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. UE 2016/679)
  • Sensitive data management  regulation (OTAN)


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