PRAESIDIUM (encrypted PC)


Praesidium is a commercial PC that has been designed by Radiocomm to deal sensitive information, thanks to encryption Protocoll (AES-256) it assure an high level of security "at rest" in fully compliance with related OTAN regulation. The encryption technique and the multifactorial “pre-boot” authentication procedure avoid not authorized access to data in cases of notebook’s loss or theft.  
The combination of hardware and software encryption technologies with multifactorial "pre-boot" authentication, safeguards the access to classified data even in case of PC's theft or lost. 
The hardware architecture provides an ultra-fast encrypted Safe Disk M2 certified DIS-UCSe with 256 or 512 GB capacity, accessible only after a "pre-boot" multifactor authentication:
  • insert authentication smartcard into the external USB reader;
  • enter the PIN (up to 16 alphanumeric characters, changeable by the user at any time).
These technology allow easy and safe use of the notebook without compromising its operating performance making it fully compatible with all hardware and software components with Windows and Linux OS.
The optional Card Management System (CMS) interface allows the system administrator the autonomous management of the encryption keys and it is particularly suitable to configure, administrate and define the authentication smartcards on the device, thus differentiating them according to the different data access needs of each user.  
Technical Features:
  • CPU Intel Core i5 -11 (or more);
  • HD: NVMe Safe Disk M2  (256-512 GB) capacity; 
  • Ram: DDR4 SDram 16 GB (or more);
  • Monitor Full HD 15.6”;
  • Ports: USB - HDMI - Ethernet - LAN - Jack audio 
  • Primary Encryption: Hardware Full Disk Encryption, (AES-256 bit algorithm) in XTS mode;
  • Secondary Encryption:  Software Bitlocker;
  • Encryption functions periodic autotest;
  • Smartcard (NXP) contactless tamper proof
  • USB dongle smartcard reader;  
  • OS: Windwos 10 Pro extendible to Windows 10 Enterprise (as OTAN requirement) by final user;
  • Antivirus Defender (or equivalent)


  • Common Criteria EAL4+
  • FIPS - 140-2 lev. 3,
  • NATO (confidential)
  • NSA (Norwegian Security Agency)
  • Dutch MVD 
  • Italian DIS (liv. R)


  • General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. UE 2016/679)
  • Sensitive information management (OTAN Regulation)

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