In today's context of integrated communications, in which the digitization of information and the rising of of mobility business and smart working needs have made computers and digital storage devices the main instruments of work, there is a steady increase of their pervasiveness and vulnerability is intensifying the "data breach" phenomenon performed by cyber criminals.

As result the security of systems and devices have become a priority for military and governmental organizations, public administration as well as enterprises and professionals, that is achievable only through the adoption of efficent security policies ad the use of BYOD device (Bring Your Own Device) with application of principles of data confidentiality, integrity and willingness, that cannot exclude initial classification and control of resources and accesses.

All our "custom taylored" innovative and proactive solutions ensure the gold standard in terms of data security "at rest", thanks to passing of the most stringent national and international security tests to guarantee:

  • Data confidentiality: through the use of Full Disk encryption techniques based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256 bit) encryption blocks algorithm, in XTS mode, with the use high entropy encryption keys;
  • Data avalaibility everywhere: thanks to a flexible technology, without any HW or SW conflicts, allows the use of this tecnology on any device, running on he main operating systems;
  • Data security "at rest" for unauthorized third parties, thanks to the use of "multifactorial pre-boot strong authentication" procedures, using of certified tokens (CC EAL 5+).

As countermeasure to the risk of unintentional releases of electronic devices used in the processing of classified information, we offer a wide range of TEMPEST solutions customizable according to specific customer needs.




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