In the filed of data protection we have identified partners with whom to offer technologically advanced and flexible solutions, who use encryption techniques to guarantee the protection of sensitive information and data "at rest", as well as Tempest techniques for the protection by electronic devices emissions, offering to our customers, the gold standard in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and costs.

We are official representatives in Italy for:

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SST Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) specialize’s over twenty years in the development, design and manufacture of high quality of TEMPEST electronic equipment for military and secure government organizations throughout NATO, Europe and Australasia and it was the first company to achieve accreditation under the CESG Formal Tempest Certification Scheme (CFTCS) and remains the only company able to offer co-located CFTCS accreditation and production. SST is also accredited to the Platform accreditation scheme (CPTAS).

SST designs and manufactures TEMPEST (NATO SDIP-27), EMC-rated, Rugged, Encryption and Communications Security equipment, SST customers includes NATO bodies, ministries of defence, ministries of foreign affairs, defence prime contractors and other government agencies. SST is part of the Secure Systems and Information Assurance (SSIA) division of API.


Hiddn Security provide hardware-based encryption solutions for data “at rest” ensuring to comply with the strictest security regulations in NATO.


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