Particolare AntennaTelecommunication infrastructures have become a such strategic and critical resources within each State to ensure their socio-economic development and determine their economic and political strength at the international level, thus requiring continuous forms of protection and safety in defense of threats, especially in contexts of strategical relevance.

With experience gained "on field" and thanks to strong and lasting partnerships with world's leaders in radiocommunication, we can offer technological excellence and an high standard of quality and efficiency in design, develop and manufacture of

High power digital/analogic transmitters manufacturer for:

- Military & Governmental applicationPosition, Navigation and Timing stations, eLoran, Submarine Communication, Radar;

• Scientific application: JPL Deep Space Network, Particle Accelerators, Plasma Generators;
• FM Radio & TV application: Analogue and digital transmissions, Shortwave, Broadcast;
• Meteorological application

Engineering and assembling innovative antenna systems and receiving wire frameworks for a wide range of data and application:

Mission critical antennas: as multimode rooftop, transportable tactical, ultra wide band vehicle, shipboard, wideband specifically designed to cover a wide spectrum of frequencies;

Industry fragments: as WiFi antennas including RFID, electronic toll readers, railway antennas as well as Small Cell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) products in the 700 MHz band (including LTE) Cellular/SMR, GSM, PCS and AWS frequency ranges in configurations of single, dual, quad antenna many with MIMO;

Trasportation Broadband antennas: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) including RFID, WiFi ISM, rail antennas and panel, sector and horn configurations

Avionics antennas including:

     - VHF/UHF vertical dipole surface-to-air antennas (hilly DPVs) available in single-band, dual-band and multi-band configurations (with one or more integrated vertically and vertically polarized omnidirectional dipoles) from one to three inputs in various combinations covering the common UHF, VHF and other frequency bands

   - ILS antennas used in more than 1200 airports worldwide such as "glide slope" and "yagy arrays" and others such as phasers, probes, locators and "omnirange" antennas.

- Cable-stayed or self-supporting antenna masts for military and civil applications

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