Particolare AntennaTelecommunication infrastructures have become such strategic and critical resources within each State to ensure their socio-economic development, as well as their economic and political strength at the international level, thus requiring continuous forms of protection and safety in defense of threats, especially in contexts of strategical relevance.

Thanks to the experience we have gained and to strong and lasting parthnerships with some of the world's leaders in the telecommunications field, we offer technological excellence in the field of antennas and equipment for radio transmissions, built with high standards of quality and efficiency, specifically designed to support military, governmental and civilian applications including:

  • High power digital/analogic RF systems
  • Equipment for audio, voice and data programs transmissions
  • Antenna systems covering from KHz to GHz for voice, data, cellular, Small Cell, Das, Wideband, Jamming, Electronic Tolls and Instrument landing applications.
  • industrial and commercial antenna towers from 10-150 feet, including RTR guyed and self-supporting configurations for military and defense, aviation, transportation and carrier industry applications.

Furthermore, we support our customers to develop and implement of telecommunications networks through providing with:

  • preliminary documentation drafting, duly accompanied by the selection of necessary materials to build the infrastructure, with related cost estimates to be used in the "Project Financing" phase;
  • preparation of technical-economic documentation for the issuing of tenders, related to the Technical Specifications of the contract, Geological Reports, Environmental Impact Reports etc ..,with particular experience assisting the Military in NATO tender procedures (International Competitive Bid) ;
  • "Electromagnetic Compatibility studies", "Electromagnetic Emissions calculations" and "Radio Propagation studies" to verify RF compliance with the current regulations.
  • support and testing activities, for civilian or military contractors, during the contract implementation phase.

Thanks to a lean and flexible corporate structure, Radiocomm is able to effectively reduce the cost factors in order to guarantee effective and secure results at lower costs than its competitors. This has allowed us, over the years, to make a decisive contribution in the realization of important telecommunication systems throughout the Italian territory.


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