chi siamoEstablished in 2002 by a professional team high skilled in Telecommunications and Information and Technology Security, Radiocomm Srl approaches the market in a proactively way to satisfy current demands and anticipate future ones.

Our "vision" is to make telecommunications systems and information management on computer and electronic devices more efficient and secure and our "mission" is to provide technologically advanced, secure and cost-effective products and solutions to support telecommunication and information security in military, governmental and civilians contexts..

Our main business areas are:

  • The telecommunications field, which represents the "core business" of our company, where In addition to the design and maintenance of radio stations for civil and military use (frequency range from VLF to UHF), we support customers in preparing technical and economic documentation for procurement bids, and process "operational coverage" and "electromagnetic compatibility" studies in order to ensure the gold standard, in compliance with the regulations in force.
  • IT Security field: thanks to the excellent skills of our professionals and the ongoing "product scouting" activities, aimed at continuous innovation and development, we are able to support any kind of customer, with technologically advanced and certified hardware / software solutions based on military encryption techniques to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and inviolability of information "at rest" and in compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. UE 2016/679).

The knowledge and experience gained through years of cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Defense and with other important institutions governmental organizations, makes Radiocomm Srl your ideal partner for analysis and implementation of the best solutions in telecommunication systems and in the management of sensitive information.


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Radiocomm Srl

Legal Residence: via G. Avezzana, 6 • 00195 Roma • C.F. / P. IVA 06904041008 • CCIAA Roma 997595
Office: Via dei Prati della Farnesina, 41B • 00135 Roma • Tel. +39 0689567722 • Fax +39 0623328190

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