chi siamoProfessional and high skills of our experts, quality and operational reliability of our solutions, responsibility and transparency towards our customers, are the values that let us to become a consolidated reference for Italian Defense in Radiocommunication and in Computer Information Systems, mainly focused on cryptography to manage, storage and share, classified information.

We principally deal with:

- Military organization
- Governmental and Institutional branches
- Public  Administration
and to everyone who need to have reliable Telecommunication Systems and protect sensitive data with technologically advanced and flexible solutions complying with the most stringent military and government security requirements.

We also support contractors for the following ancillary activities:

-  Setup of preliminary technical-economic documentation for NATO tender procedures;

-  Setup of NATO documentation (type B-C cost estimate) to receive funds;

- Geological and Environmental Impact Reports, for the analysis of the direct/indirect impacts to identify the best solution for a sustainable development of the project;

- “Electromagnetic Compatibility Studies” and “Radio Propagation" and "Electromagnetic Emissions Calculations" to verify the level of radio coverage in the various frequency ranges and to ascertain the levels of exposure of the human body to magnetic fields, finalized to the construction of efficient antenna parks and compliant to the current regulations;

- Security and Coordination Plans to estimate the risks and to identify prevention measures for work activities related to the construction of TLC infrastructures;

- Works management and support activities during tests.

Our streamlined and flexible corporate structure allows us to effect on cost determinants to analyze the best solutions in terms of reliability, efficiency, and safety at better price. 


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